Sunday, July 21, 2013

Somewhere Over the Rainbow...

The double rainbow

The really cool old airplanes

I have been wanting to write about this night for a long time but with my camera being left at my mom's house it threw off my posting schedule.

I am a big Glenn Beck fan - call me unpopular but I've always been known to do the unpopular thing. I discovered his radio program about four years ago when flipping through the stations. Never having been a fan of talk radio or politics I almost skipped past it - whatever he was talking about that morning sure got my attention. I've been listening daily ever since.

I love that he's not afraid to do the unpopular thing himself. He stands up for what's right and puts a lot at risk doing so. I love that he's an entrepreneur - I am as well and it's refreshing to see when someone uses their talents to do good. So, when I heard that he was going to be putting on a spectacular show about our country right near my home town, I knew I had to go. I bought tickets months in advance waited for the day.

My husband is not a Glenn Beck fan but out of love he agreed to go. In fact, when we saw how horrible the weather was that day Manuel jokingly said, "God must not be a Glenn Beck fan either." But deep down I knew God was gearing up for a miracle and I was excited.

As much as my husband tried to talk me out of going because of the bad weather I wasn't going to change my mind - not just because the tickets weren't cheap but because I knew it would all work out and that we were supposed to go.

On the freeway the weather worsened. The rain pounded so hard we couldn't see out the windows. The lightening struck all around and the kids were afraid. But I said a prayer in my heart and I knew everything would be fine.

When we arrived at USANA there was a huge line almost a mile long and the rain was still coming down. We weren't allowed to bring in umbrellas or chairs and the kids started to cry. I did my best to turn the rain into a good thing. I put my jacket over the head of my two year old and I and we told stories  as we waited in line.

As much as my husband wanted to complain and say, "I told you so," I remained positive and assured him we would see a miracle. I told him I could already hear it being the topic come Monday morning on the radio - the topic of the miracle we were about to see.

We laid our blankets on the wet lawn and used another blanket to put over our heads as the rain kept falling. I waited and waited for that miracle to come. Just a few minutes before the show started there it was - the sun came out, the clouds cleared and a giant double rainbow appeared over the theater. I felt that was God's way of showing us that he was there and all would be well. Everyone began to take pictures it was a beautiful sight.

It reminded me that sometimes God gives us trials so that he has opportunities to show us his love. We may not recognize the miracles until we face the challenges first. It was beautiful!

The show then began and it was a spectacular night that my kids will never forget. The giant moon that told the story of history of mankind and what made this nation great was something my two year old will always remember. The talking moon was her favorite part and she still mentions it each day. The touching show left an impact on my children for years to come and I'm so glad that we stayed, waited out the rain and put our faith in God.

The following Monday, they did talk about the rain and the miracle the followed it on the radio. I smiled as I recalled that amazing night!


What miracles have you witnessed in your life?

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