Sunday, June 4, 2017

New Blog

I relocated my blog to a new site. I'll keep this blog up as an archive, but new posts can be found here: LindseyUnedited

Sunday, May 21, 2017

April videos

April Memories

April was a fun month! Tatem turned three, we celebrated Easter, the girls had a big competition, Manuel and I went on a date, and it was General conference. That means food, food, and more food!!

Stuffed French Toast. Lemon Blueberry and Apple & Pear Spice

Easter Honey Baked Ham. Manuel grilled it!

Bearnaise Sauce
Grilled potatoes.


First day of  Lagoon with Grandma Bev.

Dinner at Cafe Sabor.
Fried plantains and mole sauce.

Conference breakfast.
I made coconut syrup and mango syrup.

Pina Colada pancakes and scrambled eggs.

Polish salad.

Brownies and ice cream.

The kids held a bake sale.

Grandma doing her exercise workouts.

Our neighbors Chuck and Vickie.
Butternut squash soup;

Gabe getting a cavity filled. 

Gummy owls from Germany.

The girls at their state clogging Championships.

Manuel and I seeing the Lion King Broadway production.

View from our seats.

I made clam chowder.

Tatem's birthday breakfast!

Birthday presents that Tatem got from his sisters.

We went to Arctic Circle for lunch on Tatem's birthday.

Tatem right before his party.

It's a Mickey Mouse cheesecake!

Playing "Duck, Duck, Mouse".

Pin the ears on the mouse! Manuel drew the poster.

Me exhausted waiting in the car for the girls at clogging.

Shrimp salad.

Oyster salad.

We got Tatem a bike for his birthday.

Dyeing Easter eggs.

Easter gifts from Opa!

These Eggland's Best eggs come stamped with the same letters as the Easter Bunny's initials! 

The Tooth Fairy came.

Easter Egg sandwich.

Now, that's a tiny hat!

Homemade scones.
Navajo tacos.

Gryo meat.

Tzatziki sauce.

Grandma Bev's Egg hunt.

At a park in Draper.

The Easter Bunny came!

The kids on their egg hunt.

Look what the Easter Bunny brought.

Easter ham on the grill.

Tuna melts.

The school color run!

Look what Cambrey drew! From her head.
Gabe got a free ice cream sandwich.

Raspberry pizza.